For home security, we supply and fit Ultion locks

Looking for best in high-security locks?

Warrior Locksmiths recommend Ultion locks for uPVC door security

With lock-snapping break-ins a very real threat to homes all over Leeds and the UK, and for which there are no signs of them stopping anytime soon, we are committed to preventing it happening to you. Not only is the intruder stopped in their tracks by fitting snap-safe locks that do as they say but they also provide a visual deterrent so the would-be intruder won’t even attempt it.

Many of these criminals make a career out of breaking in to people’s homes; they have been doing it for a long time, so they know what kind of locks to aim for that will allow them to get in with the least amount of noise and in the least possible time. To date, we are not aware of a single break-in where the intruder has bypassed the Ultion lock and successfully gained entry to a property.

That’s why Warrior Locksmiths is proud to supply and fit what we and many others consider to be the best lock on the market. If you are looking for the best security for your property, then look no further than the Ultion lock.

Recommended by locksmiths and door manufacturers UK wide

The Ultion lock has fast become the most popular high-security lock in the UK, and is now fitted by a lot of leading door manufacturers and locksmiths alike. Most of the top composite-door manufacturers in the UK fit the Ultion lock as standard.

There is no other lock for which the manufacturer gives you a £1000 guarantee that you will not be broken into by a lock-snapping entry. Now that is complete faith in their product, and if they and Warrior Locksmiths Leeds trust it, then you should too.

If you are interested in having an Ultion lock supplied and fitted, then give us a call see what we can do for you.

All your Ultion locks working on one key

Are you sick of having different keys for different locks around the house? When upgrading your locks to Ultion, we can have them all working off the same key to make things easier; there’ll be no more testing each key to see if it’s going to work in that lock.

Once your Ultion locks are installed, don’t forget to register them and make sure you get that £1000 guarantee.

Locksmith Services We can fit high security Ultion Locks for Burglary repairs

The Ultion lock is the ultimate in door security

• Police approved.
• British Standards Institution approved.
• Sold Secure Diamond rated.
• Master Locksmiths Association approved.
• £1000 guarantee against lock-snapping entry.
• Number one choice for locksmiths and door manufacturers nationwide.

As you can see, the Ultion lock has all the accreditations that a lock can have.

We believe that every uPVC door should be fitted with a snap-safe lock as the minimum level of security, and the Ultion is the ultimate in snap-safe locks.

Unfortunately, due to the manufacturer’s guidelines, we are unable to advertise any prices online. If you are interested in having Ultion locks fitted to your doors, then please contact us so we can discuss prices.

Locksmith Services We can supply and fit Secure Ultion Locks to replace your old locks