Warrior Locksmith Leeds. Upvc Specialists

UPVC Repairs.

Warrior Locksmith Leeds are fully equipped to deal with the majority of UPVC locking issues that may arise. 

The worst-case scenario is coming home and finding that you’re locked out. We at Warrior Locksmith Leeds have dealt with many of these situations and you can be rest assured that we will re-gain access and get you back inside your home with minimum fuss.

Struggling to lock your UPVC door?

If you have a UPVC door that just doesn't seem right and you struggle to lock or unlock it why not give Warrior Locksmith Leeds a call before you find yourself locked in or out of your home. It may only take a few minor adjustments to get your door back to a fully functional standard.
 If you having to force the handle up as hard as possible to get your door locked or you can hear a crunching sound then we really do recommend getting it looked at as theres a high possibility that the more strain you put on the Locking mechanism the more likely it is to fail completely leaving you out in the cold.

If it does fail then don't despair, It doesn't mean you need a new door which would be costly. Simply give warrior Locksmith Leeds a call and we can get the mechanism replaced and get your door working like new again.

Snap-Safe Locks as standard.

Warrior Locksmith Leeds fit Snap-Safe locks as standard. You may not request a snap-safe lock or have any idea what one is but having dealt with many lock snapping break-in's we feel that fitting anything other than Snap-Safe would be doing you a disservice and would leave you vulnerable to future break-ins. 

What is Lock snapping?

Put simply it means breaking into your property by snapping the lock. It started in West Yorkshire a number of years ago and has quickly become a nationwide problem. Lock manufacturers quickly had to design a lock that would withstand a snapping attack unfortunately a lot of the Locks on the market that say they are Snap-Safe unfortunately aren't up to standard. Most manufacturers have their own version of the Snap-Safe lock and at Warrior locksmith Leeds we have picked the one that we trust the most because it is the most secure lock on the market today.

Warrior locksmith Leeds chose this particular manufacturer for good reason, we have a good working relationship with them and have complete trust in there Locks to do what they say it will and that is to keep the bad guys out of property.