Warrior Locksmith Leeds Rogues gallery

This page is dedicated to all the customers Warrior Locksmith Leeds has been to that have unfortunately been the victim of very poor and shoddy workmanship by other so called Locksmiths in Leeds. There is no excuse for this kind of work and we believe the customer should get the standard of work that they are paying there hard earned cash out for. We are happy to state that non of them are of our own doing and our reputation remains intact.

Beware of the national

A lot of the work you can see below is the work of the National Locksmith companies. Not all of them are guilty of this but a lot of them are sublet companies so will pretend to be local and take your call and then send someone out to your property that is by far a Locksmith. They have had no Locksmith training and will charge a lot more than stated on the phone when you first rang.

Warrior locksmith Leeds is 100% Local and have been trained by a very well known and respected Locksmith Training provider.